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June Featured Creator

For the first time ever we have 2 creators for Creator of the Month for June 2017! Jeremey Dirom & Lloyd host a podcast & post vlogs every week to their channel.

JD in particular has been very supportive & active in the community, moderating our Reddit page, helping manage our Twitter, showing up to meet ups & especially interacting with #YYCtube creators’ content by liking & commenting on every video he can! Can’t thank him enough for all the work he has done for this community 🙂

May Featured Creator

Creator of the Month of May goes to Kelela!!

She’s been very involved in the community lately and has been uploading consistently for over a year!

We did a video with Kelela for the #YYCtube YouTube channel:

April Featured Creator

Daniel Keer also known as theDXT is the Creator of the April 2017!

He is heavily involved in the community, made/maintains our website & constantly works on new ways to grow the community even more! 🙂

We did a video with Daniel for the #YYCtube YouTube channel:

March Featured Creator

We have officially started the Featured Creator of the Month, where we promote a Calgary YouTuber across all of YouTube Calgary’s social media pages to help drive traffic to their online presence!

The 1st one goes out to Kyle Marshall who is heavily involved in the YouTube community, going to & creating meet ups for us all to get to know one another better. He is also working on creating a YouTube Space for Calgary this year which would be beneficial to many creators & build more awareness of the community in Calgary. Lastly he has been very consistent with his videos, uploading twice a week with his KLOG series & Passion/Educational videos. Those are only a few reasons why he is the Creator of the Month.

We did a video with Kyle for the #YYCtube YouTube channel: