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Vlad Taikov – Creator of the Month | March 2018

Vladimir Taikov (Taikovv) is our Featured Creator of the Month for March 2018!

Vlad is a vlogger showcasing his life as an entrepreneur sharing the world around him as he travels around the city.

Glad to have you apart of our community, Vlad!

We are now Calgary Video Creators (formerly YouTube Calgary)

We updated everyone a while ago about needing to change the name of the group. At that time we had a poll to select the new name.

Overwhelmingly (it beat the next closest name by more than double) the community selected Calgary Video Creators.

Over the coming days you will see this name being updated across our social media.

Also, as a friendly reminder, using the hashtag #yyctube is still something we wholeheartedly support.

This community has grown into something large and exciting. Many more announcements and opportunities to help us grow will be announced soon.